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ELearning is education provided via a computer or other digital devices, using technology to facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.

Advisor2U has a combined experience of more than 25 years in education and eLearning industries.Hence offers following services in eLearning domain:

  • Consultancy
  • Training / Resource Person
  • Conferences / workshops
  • Research
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eLearning Consultancy


 Advisor2U offers consultancy in the form of package consisting of the following:

  • Consultancy
  • Implementation
  • Training

Or offer any of the above components separately too.She acts as Content / Information Architect and provides the framework for any eLearning / mobile learning Course. 

She is well versed in learning theories and ID models and is an expert in following authoring tools:

  • Adobe presenter
  • Adobe captivate
  • Articulate
  • Course lab
  • Claro 

Can guide in developing content based on latest eLearning standard, Tin Can where LRSs (Learning Record Store) are used for storing and retrieving learning activities.

She can also guide you in choosing right LMS for your requirement.
For partial list of Advisor2u’s clients and testimonials click here

eLearning Training

My presentation at VVV College, Virudhunagar, TN, India

My presentation at VVV College, Virudhunagar, TamilNadu, India

Advisor2U can offer training programs to Corporate Sector /Higher Education Institutes in following topics:

  • Effective usage of AR, VR and QR codes for enhancing education
  • Effective utilization of Social Media Learning Application
  • Effective Utilization of ICT in Education
  • Essentials of Learning Technology to Incorporate Blended Mode of Learning
  • Development of Courses through Collaborative Softwares such as Concept Mapping / Mind Mapping / Visual thesaurus
  • Development of Mobile applications to enhance learning (effective usage of applications for iPad, iPhone)
  • 20 ways of using Google to improve Learning in Hr.Education & Corporate Sectors
  • MOODLE for Instructional / Learning purposes.  

Training programs offered so far include:

  • Customized ‘Instructional Design Training Program’ based on the eLearning project for Triumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd during May 2012.
  • Customized Project Management Training Program for Elearning Content Developers, Graphic Experts, Instructional Designers and eLearning Project Managers of Triumph India on 12th Oct.2011
  • Customized Business Development Training Program  for Marketing, Sales and Business Development team of Triumph India on 14th Oct.2011
  • Training Program on SMM (Social Media Marketing) to promote business for Marcomm team of Corporate in HR segment on 5th Nov 2009.
  • Enhancing Learning through Software CBCM (Computer Based Concept Mapping) developed by IHMC, USA to teachers of Sri G.S.K.M.Hr.Sec.Sch. (belonging to GKR Charities-Mumbai, Chennai) during X-Mas holidays i.e. during 26-28th Dec 2006 to present the concepts of Science, History & Geography in an effective manner. 

eLearnng International Conferences

My ELearning Project at SITE, International Conference at Albuquerque, USA

My presentation for SITE Conference at Albuquerque, USA during March 2003.

Education Tech Summit June 2013

One of the Speakers for Education Tech Summit, held in New Delhi during 21-22 June 2013. The topic was 'Social Media in Education’ and the slides can be accessed by visiting http://bit.ly/1a6t3sl. The post event report of Education Tech Summit can be accessed by clicking here.

 Pre -International Conference eLearning Workshop-1
Conducted a pre-conference workshop  titled ‘7-Steps to Implementing a Sustainable Virtual Learning   Environment in Higher Education’ in the International Conference on Management Technology for Educational Practices (MTEP) at Bangalore, India on 28th July 2009 (Sponsored by www.ecoleglobal.com

International Conferences USA, Canada & Europe where Advisor2U published her papers:  

1. International Conference organized by SITE-USA at Albuquerque

2. International Conference organized by ED- MEDIA-USA at Montreal, Canada 

 http://www.editlib.org/results/?q=Kumuda  Here, Advisor2U was asked to Chair some of the presentations organized by ED- MEDIA-USA at Montreal, Canada

3. International Conference organized by IADIS at Malta 

http://www.iadis.net/dl/Search_list_open.asp?code=2017 (membership is required to view full papers, but abstract can be seen) 

 Participation in International Conferences organized in India

  • Presented a paper titled ‘ Interactive, Involving Modular Instructional Design (ID) for the Disadvantaged Learners’ at International Symposium on Instructional Designing for the Life Long Learning of the Disadvantaged Learners organized by Centre for Educational Research & Directorate of Distance Education, M.K.University held on 25-26 March, 2009
  • My paper titled ‘Information through Broadband/Wireless Communication Technology: A Boon to Mankind’ was selected for presentation at the International Conference organized by SETRAD (Society for Educational Technology, Research & Development),  Dept. of Educational Technology, Bharathidasan University, Trichy
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Interactive Multimedia Software to Enhance Teaching & Learning of Physics’  in the International Conference on Quality Improvement in Educational Systems organized by SETRAD (Society for Educational Technology, Research & Development),  Dept. of Educational Technology, Bharathidasan University, Trichy on 22-23 Feb, 2003

eLearning National Conferences


During my workshop at VVV College, Virudhunagar, TamilNadu, India

National Level eLearning Workshop for Higher Education & Corporate Sectors  

Conducted an E-Learning Workshop on 14th Nov, 2009 in Bangalore, India, demonstrating various features of software TeN-iLMS. National Level Seminars for Higher Education Sector

  • Attended the Seminar, ‘Role of Education in Modern India’ at Constitution Club, New Delhi on 30th Oct 2012.
  • Invited as one of the speakers for National Level Faculty Development Program on Experiential Learning in Higher Education: An Innovative Approach’ at VIT, Chennai (www.vit.ac.in) on 13th Nov. 2010. For details click here.
  • Invited as one of the speakers by a Premier Management Institution (Eswari Engineering College, Management Studies) in Chennai for the National Level Seminar on “The Significance of Social Marketing in India" on 2nd  Sept. 2010. The presentation I used can be accessed by clicking here.

 Participation in National Conferences

  • Presented a paper titled ‘ Technological Innovations and Higher Education in 21st Century – Interactive Quiz Program using Power Point’ in National Seminar on Higher Education in 21st Century organized by Dept. of Education, University of Madras.
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Educational Technology for New Millennium’ in the National Conference on ‘ETECH 2005’ organized by N.K.T.National College of Education for Women, Chennai on 18-19 Aug, 2005

 Resource Person for Higher Education Sector

  • Acted as a Resource Person ( 28th Aug 2010)  for the Dept. of Computer Science & Computer Applications, Annai Violet Arts & Science College on the topic  of  ‘Blended Mode of Learning through Educational Technology’
  • Participated as Resource Person (2nd & 3rd Dec, 2009)  in a workshop titled ‘WORKSHOP ON CURRICULUM DESIGNING AND EVALUATION FOR AUTONOMOUS COLLEGES’  organized by Center for Educational Research, MKUniversity, India, at V.V.V.College for Women (Autonomous) to explain the  following topics:

   a. Concept Map as the Basis for Curriculum Development 

   b. Curriculum Development Models               The entire details of workshop can be accessed by clicking here.

  • Gave an Interactive Presentation on ‘Role of IT for Banking Applications’ at Jaya Arts & Science College, Chennai during March 2008

eLearning Publishings / Research


 Publications in Journals

Published a paper titled

  • UNESCO IIEP Forum on Open Educational Resources- A Participant’s Report in Experiments in Education, P 244, Dec. 2005
  •  ‘Curriculum Development for Interdisciplinary Courses through Concept Mapping’ in Experiments in Education, P 222, Dec 2002
  • ‘Various Models in Particle Physics through Concept Mapping’ in Experiments in Education, P 108, Sept. 2001

CFHE12 : Current Future Higher Education

A networked based activity to discuss the Current Future state of Higher Education 12 was organized for 6 weeks by AACE and others.

You can know my various updates related to eLearning / educational technology in following publications.

Advisor2u is interested in projects related to enhancing learning using AI, Concept Mapping softwares

 Acted as one of the judges for

  • DMSC Governor's Challenge SP 09 Judge organized by Tennessee State University (where nearly 18 US Universities had participated) during June-July 2009
  • ‘AXONS  2010’ organized by Punjab Association’s Anna Adarsh College for Women. Chennai, India.  AXONS 2010 is an Inter-Collegiate Technical Extravaganza organized by MCA Department, Anna Adarsh College for Women

Details of My Presentation at VIT, Chennai

The details of my program at VIT, Chennai can be learnt by visiting my blog post titled ‘Enhancing Learning through various Experiential Learning Strategies’ 


Details of My Program at VVV College, Virudhy Nagar

The details of my program at VVV College can be accessed by reading the blog post titled ‘Curriculum Designing and Evaluation for Autonomous Colleges

The presentations I used in the program can be accessed by reading the blog post titled ‘Curriculum Development’