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I am Dr.G.Kumuda, is a Learning Consultant, has done my Ph.D. in Education, specializing learning strategies, with  Master’s Degree in Physics. 

Let me tell you what the book is all about. In this book I have utilized Concept Mapping strategy to explain Superconductors and Related Achievements for which Nobel Prizes have been awarded in Physics

I took the above concept, since I wanted to do something to stress the importance of Science, especially Physics as it is one of the few subjects for which Nobel Prize is awarded and I have done my Masters in that.Hence I researched all topics for which Nobel Prizes have been given in Physics and decided after vertical analysis that I would take up Superconductors as the main concept and explain in a simple way the other related concepts for which also Nobel Prizes have been awarded.  

I chose Concept Mapping as the strategy to explain the above concepts, as it involves a two dimensional graphical way to explain concepts in a hierarchical manner.  According to Hierarchical Concept Map, the most general concept is at the apex of the map and the less general ones are arranged in a hierarchical manner below it. Since research has proved that Concept Mapping is one of the strategies to improve meaningful learning, I chose that as the tool to explain the concepts of  Nobel Prize in Physics.Now, 

Want to know about Superconductors & Related Achievements for which Nobel Prizes have been awarded? Learn them through the eBook titled ' Concept Mapping 4 Concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics : Superconductors & Related Achievements'  through the powerful strategy Concept Mapping that enhances meaningful learning. 

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The book expounds the concepts of Superconductors & Related Achievements for which Nobel Prizes have been given. The above concepts are illustrated through Concept Mapping, a strategy that enhances meaningful learning. 

The book starts from the discovery of superconductivity by Kamerlingh Onnes and proceedsto explain its behaviour due to Cooper Pairs. The phenomenon of tunnelling that occurs in superconductors for which Nobel Prize was awarded in 1973.is also elucidated Then the phenomenon of High Temperature Superconductor (HTSC) which can be achieved by using certain oxides is also explained.  

The formation of superfluid and its presence in helium 3 is illustrated. The condensation of helium 3 in a complicated manner is described on the basis of superconductivity in metals and superfluidity of helium 4. 

The different methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light for which Nobel Prize was awarded in 1997 were described. These methods led to Bose Einstein Condensation in dilute gases. 

Finally the concept of SuperAtom, Various Techniques involved in producing low temperatures and the prospects of Bose Einstein Condensation for which Nobel Prize was given in 2001 were also explained.

Since Concept Mapping is proved to promote meaningful learning the author believes that the book would promote meaningful learning of superconductors and related achievements.

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