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You have come to the right place to join millions of other people who have succeeded online. I am Dr.Kumuda Gururao, Consultant / Advisor to Corporate & Hr.Education Sectors. I offer Consultancy / Advisory services to Universities / Educational Institutes / Individuals / SMEs / Corporate Sectors in the following fields:

  • Education through Technology (Blended Mode)
  • ICT for enhancing Teaching /Learning
  • eLearning / Social Media Learning
  • Mobile Learning , Learning using Augmented Reality, QR codes
  • Publishing –eBook Creation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Educational Management

Our Approach

Our service includes detailed analysis of your requirement and then suggest a strategic approach to realize your business goal.

The service is offered in the form of




Why Us?

Business mentors are key to success. Our expertise in domain knowledge, technical and digital marketing along with identifying right strategy for your business will enable you to realize your business goals easily.

Details of services offered by Advisor2u

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