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I am Dr.Kumuda Gururao, Interpreneur with rich academic background. I have consolidated the research work I have done in iMarketing in the form of ebook, so that it will benefit the business community to succeed when they practically implement them.

I don't boast of making million dollars, as I am a newbie myself in this field, but I can assure you, that being a professional with research background, I normally explore channels to the maximum possible extent and only when I am convinced after doing trial tests, I would put them in words. I have shown the same commitment while creating this ebook, which resulted in my websites securing first  three positions for the keyword e-learning n online marketing andfirst  four positions for the keyword e-learning n online marketing consultant as shown below.  Hence I am sure it will benefit all the people who want to promote their business, be it small or big through methods suggested in Guide 2 iMarketing 4 Ur Business.


As I wear few more hats such as ELearning, Knowledge Management , ERP apart from iMarketing, my earlier books were related to one of these fields. My first book is related to concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics through Concept Mapping.

IADIS International Conference Mobile Learning 2005 is the 2nd book where my contribution in Mobile Learning appears.


My interest in iMarketing was aroused when I worked as Web Technologist & Asso.Prof. at I2IT, India. The urge to promote the website, you have created, made me explore, research iMarketing to my fullest satisfaction. The little knowledge I have gained is presented in my third book, titled


Click here to access the Contents of ebook titled Guide 2 iMarketing 4 Ur Business.

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Since the ebook contains all information required for promoting the website, any web technologist can easily master iMarketing from this book and promote the business.

Promote Guide2iMarketing 4 Ur Businessand get 50% on Level 1

Click here to access the Contents of ebook titled  Guide 2 iMarketing 4 Ur Business’.

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Promote Guide2iMarketing 4 Ur Businessand get 50% on Level 1

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