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 eLearning Training programs of Advisor2U / Consultant for Hr.Education & Corporate Sector 

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Advisor2U can offer training programs to Corporate Sector /Higher Education Institutes in following topics:

  • Effective usage of QR codes for enhancing education
  • Effective utilization of Social Media Learning Application
  • Effective Utilization of ICT in Education
  • Essentials of Learning Technology to Incorporate Blended Mode of Learning
  • Development of Courses through Collaborative Softwares such as Concept Mapping / Mind Mapping / Visual thesaurus
  • Development of Mobile applications to enhance learning (effective usage of applications for iPad, iPhone)
  • 20 ways of using Google to improve Learning in Hr.Education & Corporate Sectors
  • Similarly separate workshops can be offered for effective utilization of MSN, Yahoo for improving learning in Hr.Education & Corporate Sectors. 
  • MOODLE for Instructional / Learning purposes.  

Training programs offered so far include:

  • Customized ‘Instructional Design Training Program’ based on the eLearning project for Triumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd during May 2012.
  • Customized Project Management Training Program for Elearning Content Developers, Graphic Experts, Instructional Designers and eLearning Project Managers of Triumph India on 12th Oct.2011
  • Customized Business Development Training Program  for Marketing, Sales and Business Development team of Triumph India on 14th Oct.2011
  • Training Program on SMM (Social Media Marketing) to promote business for Marcomm team of Corporate in HR segment on 5th Nov 2009.
  • Enhancing Learning through Software CBCM (Computer Based Concept Mapping) developed by IHMC, USA to teachers of Sri G.S.K.M.Hr.Sec.Sch. (belonging to GKR Charities-Mumbai, Chennai) during X-Mas holidays i.e. during 26-28th Dec 2006 to present the concepts of Science, History & Geography in an effective manner.