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eLearning Research 

work in learning

My doctoral research work from the Dept. of Education, University of Madras, India, involved a comparative study of various learning strategies such as Concept Mapping and Vee Mapping.

Research work in eLearning

  • Asked by SITE ( to review and post my comment on ‘ educational uses of digital fabrication, an emerging area with exciting potential for student learning.’
  • Selected as DMSC Governor's Challenge SP 09 Judge organized by Tennessee State University

Advisor2U is willing to work collaboratively with renowned experts / independently in following fields for Higher Education /Corporate Sectors.

  • Collaborative Educational Tools
  • Content Development for Semantic Search
  • Curriculum development for Niche Topics
  • Design and development of games for educational purposes 
  • Designing content to enhance deep learning
  • Educational Technology
  • Instructional Design Online / ELearning Courses  
  • Intelligent LMS
  • Learning Theories
  • Online Evaluation for Descriptive Answers
  • Role of Intelligent Agents in Online Libraries  
  • Role of Learning Theories in Artificial Intelligence
  • Utilization of Web 2.0 Technologies for Education