Advisor2U / Consultant 4 eLearning, Educational

Technology & Online / Digital Marketing

eLearning Consultancy

Advisor2U offers consultancy in the form of package consisting of the following:

  • Consultancy
  • Implementation
  • Training

Or offer any of the components separately too.

She acts as Content / Information Architect and provides the framework for any eLearning / mobile learning Course. She is well versed in learning theories and ID models and is an expert in following authoring tools:

  • Adobe presenter
  • Adobe captivate
  • Articulate
  • Course lab
  • Claro 

Can guide in developing content based on latest eLearning standard, Tin Can where LRSs (Learning Record Store) are used for storing and retrieving learning activities.

She can also guide you in choosing right LMS for your requirement.

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