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Social Media Marketing

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Advisor2U uses Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Blog effectively to generate leads for your company.


  • Create your personal page and company page
  • Add your email contacts to LI
  • Join relevant groups
  • Start a group if required
  • Integrate Twitter and your blog
  • Generate unique URL
  • Add applications that promote your business
  • Perform sponsored updates and place LinkedIn Ads to generate leads after analyzing the engagement of users.

Facebook (FB)

  • Generate business page with customized tabs
  • Integrate Twitter
  • Customized update, once daily
  • Presenting videos,  PPTs and PFDs if any
  • Place sponsored updates and Facebook Ads to generate leads after analyzing the engagement of users. 


  • Announce your blog post to social networks such as LI, FB, Twitter


  • Send 5 tweets daily relevant to your business
  • Generate targeted followers
  • Create lists relevant to your business
Google Plus and Pinterest pages will also be created for Social Media Marketing purposes.

Using above networks along with other tools will generate business leads that can be integrated to your sales team digitally /manually.