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Clients & Testimonials of Advisor2U 

Clients and Testimonials

Partial list of my clients include:

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Triumph India

Susheela Nagarajan, Senior Manager-TILA, Triumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd (About Training Programs)

The session was excellent. It provided an introduction to strategies for e-learning. It was very interactive and knowledgeable. The PPT’s used were very good. Will probably be able to take the most if not all techniques and put them to practice. The session was very easy to follow without constant clarifications.

Enhance Education

Akshat Srivastava, CEO, Enhance Education

Dr Gururao has been of immense help in the rapid acceptance of MOC across colleges. She has tweeted and written about MOC on her blog frequently. The MOC team appreciates her help and her support. We are honoured to be have aligned with her and her efforts in spreading social collaboration efforts in the Indian education space.

Dr.K. Prabhakar  (client)

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

“Dr.Kumuda is a passionate learning professional, keen to share her expertise with colleagues and students. She is one of the few experts i have met who can teach social media with examples from day to day life. Her knowledge of social media and learning methods is profound. I wish her all success.

Access the above testimonial on Dr.Kumuda’s Linkedin Profile

Dr.K. Prabhakar hired Advisor2U as Writer/Editor in 2010

Eswari Engineering College,  MBA  Dept.(EEC. MBA) 

Dr. P.Udhayanan, Faculty, EEC, MBA

The feedback for my participation as one of the speakers at the National Seminar 
on “The Significance of Social Marketing in India" on 2nd Sept. 2010 organized by one of the Premier Management Institutions EEC. MBA is given below: 

Dr.P.Udhayanan says, “On behalf of the Management of Eswari Engineering College, the faculties and students of the MBA department, I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks for being one of the speakers for the National Seminar held on2nd Sept. 2010. Your session was very informative and well received by the participants. We would like to have a continued association with you in near future”

Dr. P.Udhayanan, Faculty, Eswari Engineering College,  MBA  Dept, (EEC, MBA)


Ramu hired Advisor2U as a SMM consultant in 2010

Ramu Govindan, Founder, TrainingOrbitrecommended Dr.Kumuda on Linkedin as,

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

“Kumuda is highly passionate about social media marketing, has in depth knowledge of the subject and is up to date on this fast changing domain. She understood our business requirement well, advised on the appropriate course of action, created a plan and executed the plan meticulously. Further, she took the initiative of dissipating her knowledge in this areas to others to help them appreciate and leverage opportunities provided by social media.” June 3, 2010


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Ramu Govindan, Founder, TrainingOrbit 

C2 Workshop P Ltd

C2 Workshop P Ltd hired Advisor2U as Learning Consultant

Ravi Pratap Singh , Co-Founder & Director , C2 Workshop Pvt Ltd, recommended Dr.Kumuda on Linkedin as,

 “It's been wonderful having Kumuda as part of the C2 team. Her expertise in the areas of Education, Technology and Marketing are commendable. Importantly, she has tremendous work ethics - she is punctual, sticks to commitments, adheres to timelines, and delivers what she promises. But the one quality I admire most in Kumuda is her insatiable appetite for learning... this should help her scale the tallest of peaks in her career. I wish her the very best !!!”

 Access the above testimonial on Dr.Kumuda’s Linkedin Profile

 Ravi Pratap Singh , Co-Founder & Director , C2 Workshop 
manages Kumuda at C2Workshop

 C2 Workshop P Ltd

C2 Workshop P Ltd hired Advisor2U as Learning Consultant

John Abraham, Co-Founder & Director, C2 Workshop Pvt Ltd, recommended Dr.Kumuda on Linkedin as,

  “ Dr.Kumuda is well informed and research driven person, she has a keen eye for detail and is great strength to our team. Her quest for knowledge will surely take to greater heights. ”  April 24, 2009.

 Access the above testimonial on Dr.Kumuda’s Linkedin Profile

 John Abraham, Co-Founder & Director, C2 Workshop Pvt Ltd
work directly with Kumuda at C2Workshop


 Museworx and Jamuse

"Dr. Rao has participated with the MuseWorx and Jamuse launch and has been a 
valuable member of the Jamuse Advisory Board"

Julie Rome
MuseWorx Support

NETed Learning Solutions

Joseph Antony Jude, Business Head, Neted, recommended Dr.Kumuda on Linkedin as,

 “In the brief time that I've known Kumuda, she has been a great asset to myself and my team. She is very humble and down to earth and is always ready to help the team out with a smile. The knowledge that She brought was outstanding. I worked with her in same projects (Learning Management System and Content Development) and we gave some good insights to the improvement in the learning process and formulated the grading system for an online university in the US, working closely with the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of that University. She has good knowledge and experience in e-learning systems and also in Internet Marketing. She is a very dedicated person as well, which any company would be privileged to have, and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from and working with Kumuda.”  April 22, 2009.

Access the above testimonial on Dr.Kumuda’s Linkedin Profile 
Joseph Antony Jude, Business Head, Neted


 NETed Learning Solutions

Sathyanarayanan A, Consultant,NETed, recommended Dr.Kumuda in Linkedin as,

“Kumuda is very conscientious in her task; very methodical; and a good team player. I worked with her on a book on "entrepreneurial skills" and as long as she headed the project, the work went without a hitch. After she quit, the project slipped off the rails and it was then we - team members - realized her worth. Kumuda has a passion for e-learning and would keep updating herself constantly.”  

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 Sathyanarayana A, Creative Consultant , Self Employed 
reported to Kumuda at NETed Learning Solutions

 Neted Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd
Kabilan Paranthaman, PHP Programmer, (colleague), recommended Dr.Kumuda in Linkedin as,

“Dear Mam, It gave me immense pleasure and joy working as a PHP Programmer in your team. It was your admirable Leadership Quality and your approach of handling team inspired as all. Mam, your rich experience in IT field and vast knowledge in e-Learning department and social media Networking shows how good you are and the same reflects in Linked in as you are selected as "ONE OF THE BEST IN ASIA". Mam, you are always ready to help us when we need the most in our work. Your interest in knowing new things and sharing thoughts made our team so successful. I am wishing you , very best to continue your good work.” March 16, 2010

Access the above testimonial on Dr.Kumuda’s Linkedin Profile


 Kabilan Paranthaman, PHP Programmer, (colleague)