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You have come to the right place to join millions of other people who have succeeded online. I am Dr.Kumuda Gururao, Consultant / Advisor to Corporate & Hr.Education Sectors.

 I offer Consultancy / Advisory services to Universities / Educational Institutes / Individuals / SMEs / Corporate Sectors in the following fields:

  • Education through Technology (Blended Mode)
  • ICT for enhancing Teaching /Learning
  • eLearning / Social Media Learning
  • Mobile Learning , Learning using Augmented Reality, QR codes
  • Publishing –eBook Creation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Educational Management

Education through Technology (Blended Mode )

According to the research conducted by U.S. Department of Education, the blended mode of instruction is more effective compared to just F2F and online mode of instructions. It is effective because the features of both the modes, i.e. F2F and online are explored well.

So how can Institutions offer blended mode of instruction?

A customized training program according to the needs of learners and instructors would be designed by me and I shall impart the training so that retention, collaboration increases paving way for better understanding of concepts.

eLearning / Social Media Learning

For regular colleges I shall suggest how effectively they can use online programs to complement the existing learning through customized training programs.

Can suggest how collaborative environment be realized through social media. You can view my presentation on ‘Social Media in Education’ at Education Tech Summit at New Delhi, June 2013.

For corporate sector interested in developing eLearning content, I can consult from suggesting course objectives to final review including checking instructional design, graphics/eLearning development relavant to content and assessment.

Specialities; Confirming the following:
·          Course content satisfies learning objectives
·          Learning objectives are framed to test higher order cognitive skills
·          Assessments are in accordance with learning objectives
·          Making the content Tin Can /Experience API (Latest eLearning Standard) compliant
·          ID is interactive and activity based

Mobile Learning , Learning using Augmented Reality, QR codes

While offering my consultancy for developing content for mobile learning, not merely the mobile nature of device and learner is taken into account. ID is offered to take into account the various features of devices and how best they can be utilized to improve the learning outcome.

Publishing –eBook Creation

Consultancy offered to create eBook for various devices like iPad, Android based devices and others

Knowledge Management (KM)

Consultancy on KM can be offered so that lnowledge from senior officials and experts can be captured and made available to right professionals. Also can suggest ways so that the entire organization grows upto encourage discussion on various topics, sharing relevant knowledge and indulging in innovation.

Digital Marketing

The entire gamut of digital marketing that includes SEO, SEM and SMM will be done either as a package or separately. For details, please click the respective tabs on this page.

Educational Management

When an Institution decides to embrace technology, be it social media for eLearning, blended mode of instruction or ERP, we have to make the people ready for accepting the change. Advisor2U can offer customized training programs based on Institution’s requirement so that the organization stands up to face and accept the change that is introduced by technology.

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